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The Cruciverbalist


Oui (wee)

Common clue: Consent from Chirac

Definition: French word meaning yes.

A man wanted to buy a parrot, so he goes to the pet shop and enquires about their stock. The attendant shows him a parrot which is quite exceptional in that it speaks any language you want. Intrigued by this, the man decides to test the bird by asking it a few questions:

M: "Do you speak English?"

P: "Yes."

M: "Hablas Espanol?"

P: "Si!"

M: "Parlez vouz Francaise?"

P: "Oui!"

M: "Sprechen sie Deutsch?"

P: "Jawohl!"

M: "Falas Portugues?"

P: "Sim."

After all his options were exhausted, the man thought for a while, then asked the parrot, "Do you speak Yiddish?"

The parrot shrugs its shoulders and says: "Nu? Vis a nose like dis, vot you tink?"