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Srta - abbreviation for Senorita (sayn-yuh-REE-tuh)

·          Common clues: Caracas lass: Abbr.; Sp. miss; Mlle. in Mexico

·          Crossword puzzle frequency: 6 times a year

·          Frequency in English language: 29936 / 86800

·          Related Crosswordese: Sra. - abbreviation for Senora (sayn-YOR-uh)

Definition: A title before the surname or full name of an unmarried Spanish or Spanish-speaking girl or woman – equivalent to English “Miss”.

“Nina (The Lass from Caracas)” Courtesy: Frederico Domondon

When Humphrey Bogart took Verita Peterson, his hair dresser and mistress, to Romanoff's restaurant for the first time, he introduced her to Mike Romanoff (the restaurant's proprietor) as Peti Gonzales, a Mexican actress who spoke very little English. Although taken aback, she played along with the joke, speaking mock Spanish to Bogart and very broken English to Romanoff. Some time later, however, she worried about the prospect of having to adopt this ludicrous persona during their next visit. Fortunately, Bogart found a solution.

When they returned a few days later and Romanoff welcomed Petersen with a hearty "Good evening, Senorita Gonzales," a look of feigned horror crossed Bogart's face. "What the hell's the matter with you, Mike!" he exclaimed. "You getting senile or something? This is my executive secretary, Verita Peterson. Cripes! Can't you tell one broad from another!?"