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Ezra (EZ-ruh)

The "scribe" who led the second body of exiled Israelites that returned from Babylon to Jerusalem in 459 BC, and the author of the Book of Ezra in the Bible.

Common clue: Book of the Bible

Crossword puzzle frequency: 4 times a year

Frequency in English language: 24115 / 86800

News: Ezra & Nechemiah: Biblical Voices for Jewish Identity, Continuity and Security

The historical Ezra was a priestly scribe who is thought to have led about 5,000 Israelite exiles living in Babylon to their home city of Jerusalem in 459 BCE. Many scholars credit him as the author of the Book of Ezra and the Book of 1 Chronicles in the Bible.

Ezra – Berruguete (1450-1504)

Abel (AY-buhl)

The second son of Adam and Eve

Common clues: Biblical brother; Adam's second son

Crossword puzzle frequency: 3 times a year

Frequency in English language: 21396 / 86800

Video: My Brother’s Keeper


Esau (EE-saw)

In the Bible, the eldest son of Isaac and Rebecca and the older twin brother of Jacob in the biblical Book of Genesis, who was tricked by Jacob into giving up his birthright for a "mess of pottage" (meal of lentils). 

Common clues: Biblical twin; Isaac's slightly older son; Jacob's twin; Levi's uncle

Crossword puzzle frequency: 7 times a year

Frequency in English language: 26866 / 86800

Video: Jacob and Esau


Hosea (ho-ZAY-uh)

A minor prophet of the Old Testament and author of the Book of Hosea. Written in the northern kingdom, it draws parallels between his relationship with his unfaithful wife and the relationship between God and his people.

Common clues: Book after Daniel

Crossword puzzle frequency: 2 times a year

Frequency in English language: 68523 / 86800

Video: Hosea


Seth (seth)

In the Bible, the third son of Adam and Eve.  According to the Bible, all contemporary humans are descended from Seth through his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson Noah.

Common clues: One of the very first sons; Brother of Cain and Abel; One of Cain’s brothers

Crossword puzzle frequency: once a year

Frequency in English language: 17274 / 86800