The Hyatt Regency Kansas City walkway collapsed on this day in 1981

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ATRIA (AY-tree-uh)

Open patios around which houses are built

Common clues: Open areas in malls; Courtyards; Pompeliian courts; Open-air rooms

Crossword puzzle frequency: 2 times a year

Frequency in English language: 71055 / 86800

In architecture, an atrium (plural atria) is a large open space, often several stories high and having a glazed roof and/or large windows, often situated within an office building and usually located immediately beyond the main entrance doors. Atria are popular with companies because they give their buildings "a feeling of space and light", but have been criticized by fire inspectors as they could allow fire to spread to a building's upper stories more quickly.

Four floor atrium of Gould Hall, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, at the University of Washington.

The Latin word atrium referred to the open central court, from which the enclosed rooms led off, in the type of large ancient Roman house known as a domus.


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