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SEC (sek)

Dry. Used of wines, especially champagne.

Common clues: Wine adjective; Dry, as wine; Wine word; Dry, on wine labels; Dry, to oenologists; Like some champagne

Crossword puzzle frequency: once a year

Frequency in English language: 13524 / 86800

News: How to dodge high-calorie booze bombs

Video: Tasting dry Mavrodafni wine in the cellars of Gentilini winery in Kefalonia

Champagne is typically a white wine even if it is produced with red grapes, because the juice is extracted from the grapes using a gentle process that minimizes the amount of time the juice spends in contact with the skins, which is what gives red wine its colour. Rosé wines are also produced, either by permitting the juice to spend more time with the skins to impart a pink color to the wine, or by adding a small amount of red wine during blending. The amount of sugar (dosage) added after the second fermentation and ageing also varies, from brut zéro or brut natural, where none is added, through brut, extra-dry, sec, demi-sec and doux. The most common is brut, although in the early 20th century Champagne was generally much sweeter.

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