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ILE (eel)

French for island

Common clues: ____ de France; ___ du Diable; Seine sight; Martinique, e.g.; Island: Fr.; Land in la mer; ___ de la Cite

Crossword puzzle frequency: 7 times a year

Frequency in English language: 36275 / 86800

Video: Les iles de France

An island or isle is any piece of land that is completely surrounded by water. Very small islands are called islets. It is also proper to call an emergent land feature on an atoll an islet, since an atoll is a type of island, although this convention is seldom adhered to. A key or cay is another name for a relatively small island or islet. An island in a river or lake is called an eyot.

There are three main types of islands: continental islands, river islands, and volcanic islands. There are also human-made or artificial islands. A grouping of related islands is called an archipelago.

Crozet Island, France

Île-de-France is one of the 26 régions of France. Its territory corresponds roughly to the metropolitan area of Paris. It is the most populated région of France, having more inhabitants than the European countries Belgium or Sweden, and about as many inhabitants as the U.S. state of Ohio.

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Île-de-France (région)”and Island.