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VOLE (vohl)

A small rodent similar to a mouse but having a shorter tail and heavier body

Common clues: Short-tailed rodent; Lemming kin; Meadow mouse; Mouselike critter; Mouse's cousin

Crossword puzzle frequency: once a year

Frequency in English language: 25450 / 86800

News: Don't Make Mountains Out Of Your Mole Hills

Video: Voles or Moles?

A vole is a small rodent resembling a mouse but with a stouter body, a shorter, hairy tail, and smaller ears and eyes. Most vole species have rootless molars that fold into a series of triangles. Voles are one of the few rodents whose molars continue to grow during their entire life.

Meadow Vole

Voles live in a variety of environments. The North American Meadow Vole lives in networks of above-ground "runways" in grassy areas, as well as underground burrows. California's Red Tree Vole lives in the treetops.

The average life of a vole is between 3–6 months. Voles rarely live longer than 12 months. The longest lifespan of a vole ever recorded was 18 months.

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Vole".  

VOLE (48) 8 Th- >1 08 Field mouse

6 Th- >1 07 Meadow mouse

6 Mo+ >1 01 Short-tailed rodent

4 Mo+ >1 97 Small rodent

3 Th NYT 04 Mouselike animal

2 We CSy 09 Lemming kin

2 Th- >1 98 Meadow rodent

Th- Mouse-like rodent

2 Th >1 05 Mouselike critter

2 Tu >1 02 Mouselike rodent

1 Fr NYT 94 Bobtail mouse

1 Th LAT 97 Burrowing animal

03 Burrowing mammal MOLE

1 Th WSJ 09 Field rodent

1 Sa NYS 05 Grand slam, in bridge

08 Lemming cousin

1 Tu NYT 87 Lemminglike rodent

1 Th Rea 02 Mouse cousin

1 We CSy 05 Mouselike farmland pest

1 Sa LAT 03 Rat cousin

1 Sa NYT 96 Ratlike rodent

1 Th NYT 09 Relative of a lemming

1 Sa NYT 95 Relative of the lemming

02 Rodent with a short tail

1 Sa NYS 06 Snack for a coyote