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SKA (skaw)

A music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s

Common clues: Jamaican style of music; Calypso kin; Caribbean music; Desmond Dekker's music; Reggae relative

Crossword puzzle frequency: 4 times a year

Frequency in English language: 60921 / 86800

News: Queen Mother's music taste revealed

Video: Derrick Morgan and the High Notes

Ska is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s and was a precursor to rocksteady and reggae.

Ska combined elements of Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rhythm and blues. It is characterized by a walking bass line, accented guitar or piano rhythms on the offbeat, and in some cases, jazz-like horn riffs. In the early 1960s, ska was the dominant musical genre of Jamaica, and it was also popular with British mods. Many skinheads, in various decades, have also enjoyed ska (along with reggae, rocksteady and other genres). Music historians typically divide the history of ska into three periods: the original Jamaican ska scene of the 1960s, the 2 Tone ska revival that started in England in the late 1970s, and the third wave ska movement, which started in the 1980s.


The ska sound coincided with the celebratory feelings surrounding Jamaica's independence from the UK in 1962; an event commemorated by ska songs such as Derrick Morgan's "Forward March" and The Skatalites' "Freedom Sound." Because the newly-independent Jamaica didn't ratify the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works until 1994 copyright was not an issue, which created a large number of cover songs and reinterpretations. Jamaican musicians such as The Skatalites often recorded instrumental ska versions of popular American and British music, such as Beatles songs, Motown and Atlantic soul hits, movie theme songs, or surf rock instrumentals. Bob Marley's band The Wailers covered the Beatles' "And I Love Her," and radically reinterpreted Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone."

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Ska".

SKA (197) 36 We- >1 09 Reggae relative

23 Tu+ >1 06 Jamaican music

10 We+ >1 03 Calypso kin

6 We- >1 09 Calypso cousin

6 Th- >1 09 Jamaican music genre

5 We >1 05 Caribbean music

4 Th >1 02 Calypso offshoot

4 Th- >1 09 Cousin of reggae

4 Tu >1 00 Jamaican dance music

4 Fr- >1 01 Jamaican pop

4 Th- >1 98 Reggae precursor

4 Mo >1 02 Reggae's cousin

3 We >1 09 Jamaica-based music

3 Tu >1 00 Jamaican pop music

3 We NYT 08 Music with jazzlike riffs

3 Th >1 05 Reggae forerunner

3 We+ NYT 00 Relative of reggae DUB

2 Sa- NYT 08 Calypso relative

2 We CSy 03 Caribbean calypso cousin

2 Th NYT 98 Cousin of calypso

2 Th CHE 07 Desmond Dekker's music

2 Tu >1 03 Islands music

2 Th >1 05 Jamaican genre

09 Reggae cousin

2 We CSy 99 Reggae's precursor