Oleg Cassini was born on this day in 1913

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Oleg Cassini: French-born American fashion designer.

Common clues: Cassini of fashion; Jackie's fashion designer; Designer Cassini; Clothier Cassini; First name in fashion; He had designs on Jackie

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Oleg Cassini (April 11, 1913 – March 17, 2006) was an American fashion designer noted for being chosen by Jacqueline Kennedy to design her state wardrobe in the 1960s. His clothing designs also appeared in numerous Hollywood films starring his second wife, the actress Gene Tierney.

Oleg Cassini

Cassini studied studied art under Giorgio de Chirico and eventually gravitated to his mother's career, fashion, when he took a job sketching for the French couturier Jean Patou. In the late 1930s, he worked as an assistant to the costume designer Edith Head and in the early 1940s was hired by Paramount Pictures.

Among the films Cassini costumed was The Shanghai Gesture, a 1941 film by Josef Von Sternberg, which starred Cassini's second wife, Gene Tierney, who eventually would only wear Cassini designs onscreen. As a result, Cassini costumes appeared in The Razor's Edge (1946); The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947); That Wonderful Urge (1948); Whrilpool (1949); Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950), in which Cassini appeared as a fashion designer; and The Mating Season and On The Riviera (both 1951).

After the war, Cassini designed ready-to-wear dresses while continuing to design for television, motion pictures, and Broadway.

Kennedy favored fashions by designer Oleg Cassini,

who created this apricot silk ziberline dress she wore

in India in 1962.

Cassini shot to international stardom, however, in the early 1960s, thanks to his association with Jacqueline Kennedy. "We are on the threshold of a new American elegance thanks to Mrs. Kennedy's beauty, naturalness, understatement, exposure and symbolism," Cassini said when his selection as the couturier to shape the entire look of the First Lady was announced.

The fashion industry, however, was shocked at Cassini's selection by the White House. As Women's Wear Daily journalist John Fairchild wrote in his 1965 book The Fashionable Savages, "Everyone was surprised. Oleg Cassini had been around for years. He was debonair, amusing, social, but none of the fashion intellectuals had considered him an important designer."

The publicity that Cassini's work for Jacqueline Kennedy received led women from 18 to 80 to copy the look of simple, geometric dresses in sumptuous fabrics and pillbox hats with an elegant coiffure. Meticulously tailored and featuring oversized buttons and boxy jackets, as well as occasionally dramatic decolletage, it was a style that was inspired by the work of Hubert de Givenchy. Cassini designed a reported 300 outfits for the First Lady, including a much-copied coat made of leopard pelts and a heavy satin gown for the inaugural ball in 1961; the Cassini outfits were paid for by her father-in-law, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.

Cassini in the 1974 AMC Matador showing some of the interior trim he designed the name recognition that he gained during these years led him to be the first designer to have licensing agreements, with his name adorning everything from luggage to nail polish to a trim package on the 1970s AMC Matador automobile. "All I remember about those days are nerves, and Jackie on the phone 'Hurry, hurry, Oleg, I've got nothing to wear'," he wrote in his 1995 book, A Thousand Days of Magic: Dressing Jacqueline Kennedy for the White House.

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