Lincoln was shot on this day in 1865

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LOGE (lohzh)

A small compartment, especially a box in a theater

Common clues: Theater section; Private theater area; Theater box; Theater level; Stadium section; Box; Balcony section; Opera house box; Elite seats

Crossword puzzle frequency: 3 times a year

News: Lincoln 'Conspirator' a hit in Ford's Theatre

Video: The New Ford's Theatre Visitor Experience

La loge (The Theater Box), Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Theater seats at the rear of the main floor of older movie theaters that have wider, softer, and more widely spaced seats, sometimes capable of rocking and often with a greater height difference between rows. Patrons using these seats were usually charged a higher ticket price than the general admission. Also a similarly upscale seating region in a modern concert hall or sports venue. Used as seating sections in places such as Shea Stadium in New York; Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Fenway Park and TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts; Jacobs Field in Cleveland; Assembly Hall in Bloomington,Indiana; the George Gershwin Theatre on Broadway in New York City, New York; the Stranahan Theater in Toledo, Ohio; and the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. In stadiums the term may be used to denote the back portion of the lower tier, or a separate tier distinguished from the mezzanine level.

An artist’s depiction of John Wilkes Booth entering Lincoln’s loge and assassinating him.

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LOGE (164) 30 Tu+ >1 05 Theater section TIER

16 We >1 07 Theater box

11 We- >1 02 Theater area TIER

8 We >1 07 Stadium section RSTU TIER

6 Th+ >1 04 Box SPAR

5 We CSy 09 Box in the theater

4 We >1 02 Balcony box

4 We+ >1 99 Balcony section

4 We- >1 06 Opera house box

3 Th- >1 03 Elite seats

3 Th WSJ 08 Exclusive seating

3 Th LAT 09 Opera box

3 Th+ >1 02 Orchestra alternative

3 We- >1 00 Theater seat

99 Box seat

2 Th WSJ 05 Box with a view

04 Carnegie Hall section

2 Th NYT 07 Expensive box

2 We >1 00 Opera house section

2 Tu >1 09 Pricey theater section

2 We >1 96 Seating request

2 >1 05 Seating section TIER

2 Sa- LAT 99 Theater seating ROWS

2 Th NYT 06 Ticket choice

1 Th NYT 97 Alternative to orchestra