The Bay of Pigs Invasion took place on this day in 1961

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ISLA (EEZ-luh)

Spanish for island

Common clues: Madonna's “La ___ Bonita”; Mallorca, e.g.; Puerto Rico, por ejemplo; Hispaniola, por ejemplo; Cuba, to Carlos; ___ Mujeres, Mexico; Spanish key

Crossword puzzle frequency: 3 times a year

Frequency in English language: 45829 / 86800

News: Cubans Mark 50th Anniversary of Failed Bay of Pigs Invasion

Video: Windsurf Isla Santa Maria Antofagasta

An island or isle is any piece of land that is completely surrounded by water. Very small islands are called islets. Emergent land features on an atoll are sometimes called islets. A key or cay is another name for a relatively small island or islet. An island in a river or lake is called an eyot.

Isla Espiritu Santo, Baja California

There are three main types of islands: continental islands, river islands, and volcanic islands. There are also artificial islands. A grouping of related islands is called an archipelago.

The word island comes from the island nation of Iceland, whose name in Icelandic is Island.

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ISLA (153) 24 We- >1 09 Madonna's "La ___ Bonita"

12 We+ >1 09 Cuba, por ejemplo

10 We- >1 03 Mallorca, e.g.

5 We- >1 08 ___ Mujeres, Mexico

4 Fr- >1 05 It's surrounded by agua

07 Madonna hit, "La ___ Bonita"

4 Th- >1 06 Puerto Rico, por ejemplo

4 Th+ >1 04 Site in el mar

00 ___ de Pascua

3 Tu >1 08 "La ___ Bonita" (Madonna hit)

3 Th- >1 04 "La ___ Bonita" (Madonna song)

3 We >1 06 Destinación de vacaciones

3 Tu >1 04 Majorca, for one

3 We >1 02 Mallorca, por ejemplo

01 "___ Bonita"

09 Actress Fisher

2 Th- >1 09 Actress Fisher of "Wedding Crashers"

2 Th NYT 93 Cuba, for one

2 We- LAT 05 Cuba, to Carlos

2 Tu >1 06 Cuba, to Castro

2 We- LAT 09 Cuba, to Cubans

2 Th >1 06 Gran Canaria, for one

2 Th NYT 02 Hispaniola, e.g.

01 Madonna's was bonita

2 Tu >1 09 Mallorca or Menorca, por ejemplo