Enos Slaughter was born on this day in 1916

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ENOS (EE-nuhs)

1. First son of Seth in the Bible

2. Enos Slaughter: American baseball player and Hall of Famer

3. First chimpanzee to be launched into earth orbit

Common clues: Son of Seth; Slaughter of baseball; Nephew of Abel, Slaughter of St. Louis, Adam's grandson; Slaughter in Cooperstown; Eve's grandson; 1961 space chimp; Slaughter with a bat

Crossword puzzle frequency: 16 times a year

News: Space shuttle to carry artwork by MultiCare nurse

Video: Enos Slaughter's “Mad Dash”

Enos, or Enosh, is the first son of Seth in the Jewish and Christian Bible. According to the Book of Genesis, Seth was 105 when Enos was born. Enos was the father of Cainan. Enos is also mentioned in the genealogical lists contained in the first chapter of the Chronicles and (with respect to Jesus) in the Gospel of Luke.

Enos Bradsher Slaughter (April 26, 1916 - August 12, 2002) was an American baseball player. Nicknamed "Country", he batted over .300 for 19 seasons as a Major League player, the last 13 of those seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Born in Roxboro, North Carolina, he joined the Cardinals in 1938 before being traded to the New York Yankees in 1954.

Batting left, and throwing right, he was renowned for a smooth, flat swing that made him a reliable "contact" hitter. Slaughter had 2,383 hits in his career, including 169 homers, and 1,304 RBIs in 2,380 games.

In 1946 he batted .391, and led the Cardinals to a World Series win over the Boston Red Sox when Slaughter made a famous "mad dash" for home from first base on Harry Walker's double in the eighth inning of game seven with two outs and the game tied 3-3.

In 1947, the Cardinals gained notoriety by attempting to boycott games against the Brooklyn Dodgers to protest the Dodgers' signing of a black player, Jackie Robinson. Slaughter was the alleged ringleader of this boycott. National League president Ford Frick threatened to ban any players who boycotted any games, and the boycott never happened. The Cardinals did not sign a black regular until Curt Flood in 1958.

He was known for running hard to first base on walks, a habit copied later by Pete Rose.

He was elected to the United States Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985 after a long delay.

After battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Slaughter died at age 86.

Enos (died November 4, 1962) was the first chimpanzee that was launched into Earth orbit.

Enos was purchased from the Miami Rare Bird Farm on April 3, 1960. He completed more than 1,250 hours of training for his mission at the University of Kentucky and Holloman Air Force Base. His training was more intense than that of Ham, the Americans' first chimp in space, because Enos would be exposed to weightlessness and a higher g for longer periods of time. His training included psychomotor training and aircraft flights.

Enos was selected to make the first orbital animal flight only three days before the launch. Two months before allowing a chimp to be launched into orbit, NASA had launched Mercury Atlas 4 on September 13, 1961, to conduct the same mission with a "crewman simulator" in the spacecraft. Enos flew into space on board Mercury Atlas 5 on November 29, 1961. He completed his first orbit in 1 hour and 28.5 minutes.[1]

Enos was originally scheduled to complete three orbits, but was brought back after the second orbit because the spacecraft was not maintaining proper attitude. According to observers, Enos jumped for joy and ran around the deck of the recovery ship enthusiastically shaking the hands of his rescuers. Enos' flight was a full dress rehearsal for the next Mercury launch on February 20, 1962, which would make Lt. Colonel John Glenn the first American to orbit the Earth, after astronauts Alan Shepard, Jr. and Gus Grissom's successful suborbital space flights.

On November 4, 1962, Enos died of dysentery caused by shigellosis, which was resistant to antibiotics of the time. He had been under constant observation for two months before his death. Pathologists reported that they found no symptom that could be attributed or related to his space flight a year before. Enos' remains are thought to have suffered a fate similar to those of his astro chimp predecessor Ham. Ham is known to have been subjected to extensive study at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology after his death. Some of Ham's remains, minus the skeleton (which remained in the custody of AFIP) were buried at the entrance to the International Space Hall of Fame in New Mexico. Recent attempts by space scholars to determine the fate of Enos' remains have been unsuccessful. It is known that some post-mortem study was undertaken, but there is no further trail beyond that, and Enos' body is assumed to have been unceremoniously discarded after the examinations were completed.

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ENOS (843) 113 Tu >1 08 Son of Seth ENDS

58 We- >1 05 Grandson of Adam

52 Tu >1 05 Seth's son

42 Tu- >1 08 Slaughter of baseball

41 Tu+ >1 05 Baseball's Slaughter

34 Mo+ >1 02 Adam's grandson

26 Mo+ >1 09 Slaughter in Cooperstown UNOS

21 Tu- >1 08 Eve's grandson

15 Tu+ >1 02 Slaughter in baseball

12 We- >1 09 "The Dukes of Hazzard" spinoff

12 Th- >1 03 Genesis grandchild

12 We+ >1 07 Slugger Slaughter

11 We+ >1 09 1961 space chimp

11 Th >1 09 Nephew of Cain

10 We+ >1 05 Grandson of Eve

9 We+ >1 09 Genesis grandson

9 Th >1 06 Space chimp of 1961

8 We >1 08 Grandson of Adam and Eve

8 Mo+ >1 02 Hall-of-Famer Slaughter

7 We+ >1 05 "The Dukes of Hazzard" deputy

7 We+ NYT 91 A son of Seth

7 Tu >1 02 Cain's nephew

7 Th >1 06 Chimp in space

7 We >1 08 Genesis son ABEL CAIN SETH

7 Tu+ >1 98 Hazzard County deputy