Omoo was released on this day in 1847

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A Melville non-fiction work about a whaling vessel and exploring Tahiti

Common clues: "Typee" sequel; Melville novel; 1847 Melville work; Melville effort; Melville novel set in Tahiti; Novel of the South Seas; Melville romance

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News: Seduced by south seas

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A whale ship was my Yale College and my Harvard. – Herman Melville

Herman Melville

Omoo was Herman Melville's sequel to Typee, and, as such, was also nonfiction. After leaving Nukuheva, the main character ships aboard a whaling vessel which makes its way to Tahiti, after which there is a mutiny and the majority of the crew are imprisoned on Tahiti. The book follows the actions of Melville as he explores Tahiti and remarks on their customs and way of life.



IT WAS the middle of a bright tropical afternoon that we made good our

escape from the bay. The vessel we sought lay with her main-topsail

aback about a league from the land, and was the only object that

broke the broad expanse of the ocean.

On approaching, she turned out to be a small, slatternly-looking

craft, her hull and spars a dingy black, rigging all slack and

bleached nearly white, and everything denoting an ill state of

affairs aboard. The four boats hanging from her sides proclaimed her

a whaler. Leaning carelessly over the bulwarks were the sailors,

wild, haggard-looking fellows in Scotch caps and faded blue frocks;

some of them with cheeks of a mottled bronze, to which sickness soon

changes the rich berry-brown of a seaman's complexion in the tropics.

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OMOO (298) 70 Tu >1 05 Melville novel

39 We- >1 07 "Typee" sequel

16 Tu+ >1 07 Melville work

14 We >1 07 1847 Melville novel

13 We- >1 02 Melville tale

10 We- >1 84 Melville opus

09 Melville's "Typee" sequel

7 We >1 08 1847 Melville work

5 Mo+ >1 02 Melville's sequel to "Typee"

5 Tu >1 09 Melville South Seas novel

5 We- >1 94 Melville book

5 We+ >1 05 Melville novel set in Tahiti

4 Tu- >1 95 Melville classic

4 Th >1 04 Melville title

3 Mo+ >1 08 Melville adventure

3 Mo+ >1 05 South Seas tale

3 Tu LAT 08 Melville novel set on Tahiti

3 Tu >1 08 Sequel to Melville's "Typee"

3 We NYT 04 Melville romance

3 We CSy 99 Melville classic of 1847

3 We+ >1 02 1847 Herman Melville novel

3 Th+ >1 06 Sequel to "Typee"

3 Fr+ NYT 06 Novel of the South Seas

00 Melville novel set in the South Seas