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A garment, 6 yards long, worn by Hindu women

Common clues: Indira's dress; Delhi wrap; Hindu dress; Bombay garment; Madras garment; Gandhi's garb; Bollywood costume; Rani's wraparound;

Crossword puzzle frequency: 7 times a year

Frequency in English language: 37938 / 86800

News: B'wood's sari soiree

Video: How to wear a sari

A sari (also spelled saree) is a garment worn by many women in the Indian subcontinent. It consists of a long strip of cloth which can be wrapped in various styles. The most common style is wrapped around the waist, then one end is draped over the shoulder. It is usually five to six yards of unstitched cloth worn over a midriff-baring blouse (known as a choli), and a petticoat. Some sari styles require nine yards of cloth.

The word 'sari' is believed to derive from the Sanskrit word 'sati', which means strip of cloth. This evolved into the Prakrit 'sadi' and was later anglicised into 'sari'.

Some versions of the history of Indian clothing trace the sari back to the Indus valley civilization, which flourished in 2800-1800 BCE. One ancient statue shows a man in a draped robe which some sari researchers believe to be a precursor of the sari.

Ancient Tamil poetry, such as the Silappadhikaram and the Kadambari by Banabhatta, describes women in exquisite drapery. This drapery is believed to be a sari. In the Natya Shastra (an ancient Indian treatise describing ancient dance and costumes), the navel of the Supreme Being is considered to be the source of life and creativity. Hence the stomach of the dancer is to be left unconcealed, which some take to indicate the wearing of a sari.

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SARI (389) 32 We- >1 09 Delhi wrap

16 Tu >1 08 Delhi dress

14 Tu >1 02 Indian garment

14 Tu+ >1 04 Rani's wrap

13 Tu >1 08 Hindu garment

13 Th >1 09 It's a wrap FOIL GLAD PITA ROBE

8 We >1 04 Indian wrap

7 Th >1 98 Draped garment TOGA

08 Gandhi's garb

7 Th- >1 06 Madras dress

7 Th >1 06 Raipur wrap

6 We+ >1 07 Bollywood costume

6 We- >1 04 Delhi wear

6 We >1 08 Draped dress

6 Tu- NYT 01 Indian dress

6 Tu+ >1 07 Rani's garb

5 Tu+ >1 07 Indian garb

5 Tu+ >1 07 Rani's wraparound

4 Mo >1 06 Hindu woman's garment

4 Tu >1 98 Hindu wrap

4 Th >1 05 Indian attire

4 Th Rea 09 Kerala dress

4 We >1 88 Rani's robe

4 Th- >1 05 Rani's wear

3 Tu- >1 01 Agra attire