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ASTA (AS-tuh)

Acting Terrier best known for his Thin Man role

Common clues: Film canine, "The Thin Man" dog; Film pooch; Hammett hound; Nick and Nora's pooch; Cinema canine; Dog star; Clue sniffer of fiction; Literary schnauzer

Crossword puzzle frequency: once a month

News: Johnny Depp to Remake 'Thin Man'

Video: Asta

Nora Charles: [to Asta, as Nick and Asta are going out on a case] If you let anything happen to him, you'll never wag that tail again.

Asta (born Skippy) was a Wire-Haired Fox Terrier best known for his acting work in the 1934 screwball comedy The Thin Man. He was trained by Frank Weatherwax and owner Henry East. He later appeared in The Awful Truth (as Mr. Smith), Bringing Up Baby (as George, the bone hiding pup of Katharine Hepburn), and Topper Takes A Trip (as Mr. Atlas). Due to the enormous popularity of Asta, interest in pet terriers skyrocketed.

As a character in the movie The Thin Man, Asta was the playful pet dog of Nick and Nora Charles, tugging them around town on his walks, hiding from danger, and sniffing out dead corpses. The character later appeared in the sequels After the Thin Man, Another Thin Man, Shadow of the Thin Man, The Thin Man Goes Home, Song of the Thin Man, as well as the 1950s television show. Although Skippy played Asta in the original film, it is believed multiple terriers were used for the sequels, and he wasn't involved in the television show.

Interestingly, the original character of Asta in Dashiell Hammett's book of the The Thin Man was not a Wire-Haired Fox Terrier, but a Schnauzer.

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ASTA (580) 39 We+ >1 06 Hammett hound

29 Tu- >1 09 Nick and Nora's pooch

28 Tu- >1 00 "The Thin Man" dog

23 Tu >1 07 "The Thin Man" pooch

22 We >1 00 Cinema canine

22 Tu- >1 07 Nick and Nora's dog

19 Tu+ >1 98 Movie pooch LADY TOTO

18 Th- >1 09 Dog star

16 We- >1 97 Movie dog TOTO

15 We+ >1 08 Hammett pooch

14 We >1 07 Movie terrier

10 Tu- >1 01 Dog in "The Thin Man"

10 Th- >1 03 Film dog TOTO

10 >1 94 Nora's pooch

9 We >1 07 Nick and Nora's pet

7 >1 95 Cinema pooch

7 We+ >1 04 Film terrier

6 We+ >1 99 Charles barker

6 We- >1 08 Cinematic pooch

6 Tu+ >1 09 The Charles' dog

6 >1 05 Whodunit pooch

5 Th+ >1 06 Early movie dog

5 Th- >1 99 Fictional wirehair

5 We+ >1 06 Hollywood canine

5 Tu- >1 99 Nora's dog