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SATE (sayt)

Fill to satisfaction

Common clues: Overfill; Fill; Gorge; Surfeit; Cloy; Satisfy completely; Glut; Stuff to the gills; Indulge to excess; Gorge

Crossword puzzle frequency: 8 times a year

Video: Hot Dog Eating Contest

He (Notorious B.O.B. Bob Shoudt) told me that he's always been an athlete, says he still does 500 crunches a day. From the looks of things I'd say it's 200 Nestle, 200 Captain, and 100 Heath bars. ~ quote from the 2010 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Nathan's Famous Corporation hosts an annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at the site of their first restaurant at the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. There are other hot dog contests but none are as famous or claim to have as long a history as the Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

According to legend, on July 4, 1916 four immigrants had a hot dog-eating contest at the site of the first Nathan's Famous stand (at the corner of Surf and Stillwell Avenues on Coney Island) to settle an argument about who was the most patriotic. After 12 minutes, James Mullen had eaten 13 hot dogs and was crowned the victor. A 12 minute contest has been held every year since on Independence Day at the site. In 1993 there was a one-time one-on-one contest under the Brooklyn Bridge between Mike DeVito and Orie Ito.

In recent years, guitarist and songwriter Amos Wengler has performed one of the songs he had written for the contest. A person in a wiener costume dances as Wengler plays. Some of Wengler's compositions are "Hot Dog Time!", "Hot Dogs, Hot Dogs" and "Where is the Belt?" by: John Jones.

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Nathans_Hot_Dog_Eating_Contest".  

SATE (336) 29 We >1 05 Glut CLOY


23 Tu- >1 09 Overfill CLOY GLUT

23 Tu+ >1 06 Fill up LOAD

18 Tu >1 08 Fill to excess CLOY CRAM

16 We >1 02 Fill LOAD

14 Tu >1 07 Stuff to the gills CRAM GLUT

14 Th >1 07 Gorge FILL

13 We+ >1 04 Fill to the gills

12 Tu >1 07 Fill completely

11 Mo+ >1 96 Surfeit CLOY GLUT PALL SETE

7 Tu >1 07 Fill fully CRAM

7 Tu+ >1 03 Cloy PALL

7 Th- >1 04 Overstuff

6 Mo >1 09 Fill to the brim

6 Mo+ >1 55 Gratify completely

6 Tu+ >1 07 Satisfy fully

5 We- >1 08 Fill beyond full

5 We- >1 98 Fulfill fully

5 Th- >1 00 Give a bellyful

00 Fill too much

4 >1 94 Overindulge GLUT

4 We- LAT 08 Fill and then some

4 We >1 00 Appease fully

3 Mo >1 97 Gratify FEED