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TIO (TEE-oh)

Spanish word for uncle

Common clues: Yucatan uncle; Uruguayan uncle; Juan's uncle; Spanish uncle; Familia member; Madre's brother; Cancun kinsman

Crossword puzzle frequency: 2 times a year

Video: Uncle Jackie’s Used Car Emporium

Uncle may refer to:

A family relationship, either the brother of a parent or the husband of a sister of a parent. A woman with an equivalent relationship is an aunt, and the reciprocal relationship is that of a nephew or niece. See Cousin.

A title of respect for elders (for example neighbours, acquaintances, as well as total strangers), especially in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Turkey, China, Maori culture and most Pacific Islands

An honorific bestowed upon individuals of any gender. See fictive kinship.

A cry of surrender or safeword

An idiom:

Dutch uncle, a person who delivers stern lectures

Uncle Sam, a personification of the United States

Uncle Tom, a pejorative term for a black person who plays up to racial stereotypes

Uncle Tom Cobley, a British folk saying meaning "etcetera"

Bob's your uncle, a Commonwealth expression roughly equivalent to "and there you have it"

A person:

Blind Uncle Gaspard

Uncle Charlie Osborne, a musician from the Appalachian Mountains

Uncle Dave Macon, American musician

Uncle Fester (author), the penname of Steve Preisler

Uncle Ho, a nickname for the Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh

Uncle Joe, a nickname for the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin

Uncle Kracker, American musician

Uncle Miltie, a nickname for Milton Berle

Royal Uncle Cao, a Chinese deity

Uncle Tupelo, American music

Uncle Patrick, NBA Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing

A book:

My Uncle Oswald, an adult novel written by Roald Dahl

Uncle, a series of children's books

Uncle Dynamite, a book by P. G. Wodehouse

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

Uncle Tom's Cabin, a novel about slavery by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood, a memoir by Oliver Sacks

Uncle Vanya, a play by Anton Chekhov

Uncle Wiggily, a series of children's books

A fictional character:

Uncle Albert, a character in the sitcom Only Fools and Horses

Uncle Ben, a character in the Spider-Man comic book

Uncle Creepy, a character in the Creepy horror-comics magazine

Uncle Duke, a character in the comic strip Doonesbury

Uncle Fester, a character in the sitcom The Addams Family

Uncle Fred, a character in the short stories and novels of P. G. Wodehouse

Uncle Henry (Oz), a character in the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Uncle Iroh from the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender

Uncle Jesse, one of several characters

Rich Uncle Pennybags, the mascot of the Monopoly game

Uncle Remus, the fictional narrator of a collection of African American folktales

Uncle Ruckus, self-hating African American white supremacist from the comic strip and animated televisions series The Boondocks

Uncle Scrooge, the main character in the Scrooge McDuck comic books

Uncle Chan from Jackie Chan Adventures

A film or television show:

The Man from U.N.C.L.E., a television show

The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., a spinoff show

U.N.C.L.E., the agency in these shows

The Uncle Floyd Show

The Monkey's Uncle, a 1965 Disney film

My Uncle Benjamin, a 1969 French film

My American Uncle, a 1980 French film

Uncle Buck, a 1989 comedy film

Uncle Nino, a 2003 family film

"Uncle Simon" (The Twilight Zone), episode

A food product:

Uncle Ben's, a brand of packaged food products

Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, a candy

Uncle Arthur, Guinness stout, a reference to the founder, Arthur Guinness

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TIO (107) 16 Tu >1 08 Spanish uncle

9 We- >1 01 Juan's uncle

8 Th >1 09 Familia member TIA

7 >1 87 Yucatan uncle

5 Tu >1 08 Acapulco uncle

5 We+ >1 09 Pedro's uncle

4 Th- >1 07 Padre's brother

3 Th- >1 02 Madre's brother

3 Tu >1 04 South-of-the-border uncle

3 Th- >1 05 Uncle, in Uruguay

3 We+ >1 06 Uruguayan uncle

2 Fr- NYT 08 Cancún kinsman

03 Jose's uncle

2 Th- LAT 05 Julio's uncle

2 We- >1 96 Madre's hermano

2 Tu >1 08 Ricardo's uncle

2 Tu >1 04 Uncle Jorge, e.g.

00 Uncle, south of the border

96 An uncle for Pedro

1 We CSy 09 Andalusian uncle

1 We LAT 08 Argentine uncle

1 Mo NYS 07 Barcelona uncle

1 Fr NYT 06 Brother of un padre

1 Sa NYT 01 Castilian kinsman

1 Tu LAT 97 Cordoba uncle

1 Tu NYT 97 Couturier initials

2 Th >1 01 Port east of Gibraltar

03 Algiers metropolis