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The lofty nest of an eagle or other bird of prey

Common clues: High home; Cliffside dwelling; Cliff hanger?; Raptor's roost; Eagle's home; Avian high-rise; Eagle's nest; Condor's haven

Crossword puzzle frequency: 8 times a year

News: Bald eagles illustrate American success story

Video: Bald eagle nest building

Does the hawk take flight by your wisdom

and spread its wings toward the south?

Does the eagle soar at your command

and build its nest on high?

It dwells on a cliff and stays there at night;

a rocky crag is its stronghold.

From there it looks for food;

its eyes detect it from afar.

Its young ones feast on blood,

and where the slain are, there it is. ~ Job 39:26-30

Bald Eagles build huge nest platforms out of branches, usually in large trees. Pairs, who mate for life, add material to the nest each breeding season. After several years, the nest may weigh upwards of a thousand pounds or more.

Bald Eagles which are old enough to nest often return to the area in which they were raised. They are more social than many other raptor species: an adult bald eagle looking for a nesting site is more likely to select a location that contains other immature eagles than one with no eagle population.

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Bald Eagle".

AERIE (345) 55 Tu- >1 06 Eagle's nest

25 Tu >1 01 Eagle's home EYRIE

21 We+ >1 09 High home

15 We >1 07 High nest

12 We- >1 09 Hawk's home EYRIE

11 We+ >1 06 Mountain home

8 Tu+ >1 09 Cliffside dwelling

7 Tu+ >1 99 Lofty nest

7 We+ >1 06 Cliff hanger?

6 We- >1 09 Lofty home

6 We- >1 08 Raptor's roost

6 We+ >1 08 Home on high EYRIE

6 Th- >1 09 Lofty lair

5 Tu >1 06 Condor's nest

5 Tu+ >1 04 Cliff dwelling EIREA

4 Tu- >1 00 Lofty abode

4 Tu+ >1 00 Cliffside home

4 We- >1 06 Lofty dwelling

4 We- >1 09 Eagle's abode

08 Condor's digs

06 Eaglet's abode

3 Mo+ >1 93 Cliff dwelling?

3 Tu >1 07 Eaglet's home

3 We >1 05 Cliff house

3 Th NYT 04 Home with a view

2 Th >1 01 Port east of Gibraltar

03 Algiers metropolis