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Traditional round dance of Romania and Israel

Common clues: Israeli dance; Circle dance; Jewish wedding dance; Bar Mitzvah dance; Round dance; Kibbutz dance; Jewish wedding ring?; Romanian dance

Crossword puzzle frequency: 6 times a year

Video: Learning the Hora Dance

Hora is the name of a circle dance in a number of countries. The name derives from the ancient Greek art form Chorea.

[Photo courtesy: Simon Dragan]

Hora is a Romanian, Israeli, and Moldovan traditional circle dance which gathers all people present in a big closed circle. The dancers hold each other by hands and make diagonal steps forward and backward. The circle is turning on itself, usually clockwise. The participants all sing a song while musicians accompany them. Typical instruments are the cymbalum, the accordion, the violin, the viola, the double bass, the saxophone, the trumpet or even the panflute.

Hora is popular during wedding celebrations, popular festivals, and it's an essential part of the social entertainment in rural areas. One of the most famous horas is the Hora Unirii.

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