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DELE (DEE-lee)

A direction to show that something is to be deleted

Common clues: Editor's mark; Text removal directive; Editorial strikeout; Manuscript notation; Take out; Strike out; Take-out order?; Proofreader's mark; Stet's opposite; Remove; Expunge; Strike; Drop; Marginal direction?; Order out?

Crossword puzzle frequency: 7 times a year

Frequency in English language: 79589 / 86800

News: A rousing cheer for careful proofreading

Dele: A sign indicating that something such as a letter, word, or sentence is to be deleted.

Delete a character.

Replace a character.

Close up a space.

Delete a character and close up.

Delete or replace more than one character.

Delete more than one character and close up.

Delete, replace, or correct a block of text. The delete symbol, the replacement copy, or another instruction is written in the margin.

[Source: MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publication, 2nd ed. by Joseph Gibaldi. NY: MLA, 1998.]