Tris Speaker's first day in the majors was on this day in 1907

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TRIS (triss)

Tris Speaker: Seventh member of baseball’s Hall of Fame

Common clues: Speaker of baseball; Speaker of Cooperstown; Hall of Famer Speaker; Speaker on the diamond; Mr. Speaker; Baseball great, Speaker

Crossword puzzle frequency: 3 times a year

Frequency in English language: 31628 / 86800

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The Babe was a great ballplayer, sure, but Cobb was even greater. Babe could knock your brains out, but Cobb would drive you crazy. – Tris Speaker

Tristram E. Speaker (April 4, 1888 in Hubbard, Texas - December 8, 1958 in Lake Whitney, Texas), nicknamed “Spoke” (a play on his last name) and “Grey Eagle” (for his prematurely graying hair), was an American baseball player considered to be the best defensive center fielder to ever play the game. Speaker was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame during the second year of voting, 1937.

Tris Speaker was born on Wednesday, April 4, 1888 in Hubbard, Texas, Archie and Nancy Peer Speaker. He suffered a broken right arm in a fall from a horse so was forced to use his left hand for throwing. Eventually he became very comfortable with it and stayed a southpaw even when his right arm healed. Then his left arm was injured in a football accident. Surgeons advised amputation, but he refused. He recovered to become one of baseball’s great hitters and outfielders, a manager of a world’s championship team and seventh member of the game’s Hall of Fame.

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