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OREAD (OR-ee-ad)

Any of a group of mountain nymphs

Common clues: Mountain nymph; Companion of Artemis; Echo, for one; Mt. Ida maiden; Nymph in Greek myth; Echo, e.g.

Crossword puzzle frequency: 2 times a year

In Greek mythology, an Oread or Orestiad was a type of nymph that lived in mountains, valleys, ravines. They differ from each other according to their dwelling: the Idae were from Mount Ida, Peliades from Mount Pelia, etc. They were associated with Artemis, since the goddess, when she went out hunting, preferred mounts and rocky precipices.

Echo and Narcissus (John William Waterhouse, 1903, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool)

The number of Oreads includes but is not limited to:


Claea (Mount Calathion, Messenia)

Cyllene or Kyllene (Mount Cyllene)

Daphnis (Mount Parnassos)

Echo (Mount Cithaeron)

The Idaeae (Mount Ida, Crete):





Nomia (Mount Nomia, Arcadia)

Othreis (Mount Othrys, Malis)

Sinoe (Mount Sinoe, Arcadia)

The Sphragitides or Cithaeronides (Mount Cithaeron)

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