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ETA (AY-tuh)

7th letter of the Greek alphabet

Common clues: Greek "H"; Zeta follower; H look-alike; Hellenic H; H, to Homer; Seventh letter; H, in a fraternity; Greek vowel; Sorority letter; Zeta-theta connection

Related crosswordese: see below

Crossword puzzle frequency: 20 times a year

Frequency in English language: 16087 / 86800

News: Navigating the Greek Alphabet

Video: Greek for the Street

The Greek alphabet is a set of 24 letters that has been used to write the Greek language since the late 9th or early 8th century BC. It was the first alphabet in the narrow sense, that is a writing system that uses a separate symbol for each vowel and consonant. It is the oldest alphabetic script in continuous use today. The letters were also used to represent Greek numerals, beginning in the 2nd century BC.

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Related Crosswordese

ZETA (ZAY-tuh)

Common clues: Epsilon follower; Sixth Greek letter; Greek “Z”; Sixth of 24; Fraternity letter; Bit of sound from a Greek snorer?; Zorba's beginning


Common clues: Iota preceder; Eta follower; Eighth Greek letter; Angle symbol; Eighth of 24; Greeks' “unlucky” letter; Campus letter; It's between eta and iota

RHO (roh)

Common clues: Pi follower; Sigma preceder; Plato's P; Density symbol; 17 Greek letter; P; Frat letter; Pi-Sigma go-between; Greek consonant; P, to Pythagoras


Common clues: Standard deviation symbol; Rho follower; Summation symbol; Greek S; Tau preceder; 18th letter of the Greek alphabet; “The Sweetheart of ___ Chi”

TAU (tou)

Common clues: Sigma follower; Greek cross; Greek T; Letter before upsilon; 19th Greek letter; St. Anthony's cross; Greek consonant; Symbol for torque

PHI (feye)

Common clues: 21st Greek letter; ___ Beta Kappa; Follower of Upsilon; Key letter; Honor society letter; Symbol of the golden ratio; Sweater letter

CHI (kee)

Common clues: Phi follower; Third to last Greek letter; Greek “X”; Psi preceder; Tai ___; 22nd Greek letter; X, to Xenophon; Greek consonant; Phi-psi separator

PSI (sigh)

Common clues: Chi-omega go-between; 23rd Greek letter; Trident-shaped letter; Omega preceder; Penultimate Greek letter; Symbol of electric flux

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