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Spanish word for ‘this’

Common clues: Spanish 101 word; This, in Toledo; This, in Mexico; “Como ___ usted?”; Spanish pronoun; Are, in Argentina; Juanita's “this”

Crossword puzzle frequency: 8 times a year

Video: Spanish 101 - Greetings

Spanish (espanol) or Castilian (castellano) is an Iberian Romance language. It is the most-widely spoken Romance Language, and the fourth most-widely spoken language in the world according to some sources, while other sources list it as the second or third most spoken language. It is spoken as a first language by about 402 million people, and by a total of 500 million including non-native speakers.

Dark green : main language is Spanish.

Green : Bélize and Western Sahara, large community of Spanish speaker (~ 40% -> 50%)

Light green : southwestern USA and Florida, between 10% and 30%, Philippines.

Originating in Spain and whence it was later brought by Spanish explorers, colonists, and empire-builders to the Western Hemisphere and other parts of the world during the last five centuries, Spanish is one of the top five most spoken languages worldwide, and is one of the six official working languages of the United Nations. Its importance also resides in the international expansion and recognition of Spanish language literature, film industry, television industry (especially telenovelas), and music industry within the globalized market.

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