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BRAE (bray)

A hillside
Common clues:
Scottish hillside; Highland hillside; Bonny hillside; Loch Lomond hill; Slope, in Scotland
Crossword puzzle frequency: 2 times a year
Frequency in English language: 33559 / 86800
Video: Archeological Evidence of the Dogon of Mali Influence in Skara Brae

Hillwalkers on Beinn Dearg, Scotland

Hillwalking is a British English term for a form of hiking which involves the ascent of hills. The activity is usually distinguished from mountaineering as it does not involve ropes or technically difficult rock climbing, although the terms mountain and hill are often used interchangeably in Britain. Hillwalking is popular in mountainous areas such as the English Peak District or the Scottish Highlands. Many hills are categorised according to relative height or other criteria and feature on lists named after mountaineers, such as Munros (Scotland) or Wainwrights (England). Specific locating activities such as "peak bagging" (or "Munro bagging") involve climbing hills on these lists with the aim of completing (or "compleating") the list.

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