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ORIEL (OR-ee-uhl)

A projecting bay window located on an upper floor, cantilevered or supported by brackets
Common clues: Cantilevered window; Bay window; Projecting window; Mirador; Window on a corbel
Crossword puzzle frequency: 2 times a year
Frequency in English language: 35541 / 86800
Enya – Oriel Window

Oriel windows are a form of bay window commonly found in Gothic revival architecture, which jut out from the main wall of the building but do not reach to the ground. Corbels or brackets are often used to support this kind of window.

Oriel College, Oxford took its name from a balcony or oriel window forming a feature of a property which occupied the site the college now stands on.

Oriel windows are seen in Arab architecture in the form of mashrabiya.

In the Hindu culture these windows and balconies projected from the street front, providing an area in which women could peer out and see the activities below while remaining invisible.

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