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A sharp, narrow ridge of rock
Common clues: Mountain ridge; Mountain crest; Alpine crest; Sharp ridge; Rugged ridge; Glacial product; Alpine feature; Sharp mountain spur
Crossword puzzle frequency: 3 times a year
The Garden Wall – Highline trail

The Garden Wall, an arête in Glacier National Park (U.S.).

An arête is a thin, almost knife-like, ridge of rock. Arêtes are typically formed when two glaciers erode parallel U-shaped valleys. An arete is the thin ridge of rock that is left separating the two valleys. Arêtes can also form when two glacial cirques erode towards one another, although frequently this results in a saddle-shaped pass, called a col. The word arête is actually French for fishbone; similar features in the Alps are described with the German equivalent term Grat.

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