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GEE (jee)

An instruction for a horse or other animal to turn right
Common clues: Turn to the right; Veer to the right; Turn right; Go right; Command to a horse; Make a right; Right turn signal; Command to oxen; Go the right way?
Crossword puzzle frequency: 7 times a year
Frequency in English language: 17766 / 86800
Horseback riding isn't easy

But still did the Mighty Makers

Stir in the common sod;

The corn through its awful acres

Trembled and thrilled with God!

More than a man was the sower,

Lured by a man’s desire,

For a triune Bride walked close at his side—

Dew and Dust and Fire!

More than a man was the plowman,

Shouting his gee and haw;

For a something dim kept pace with him,

And ever the poet saw;

Till the winds of the cosmic struggle

Made of his flesh a flute,

To echo the tune of a whirlwind rune

Unto the million mute.

From The Poet’s Town by John G. Neihardt