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March 12, 2005

More Great Links

I hope you’ve had a chance to visit my “Links” page.  Along with some good links to crossword puzzles there are links to some other very good sites.

Today, I will be adding two more links that are worthy of your attention.  The site I usually go to first when researching for a “Word-of-the-Day” submission is  This is the best one-stop reference site I’ve discovered yet.  It provides instant answers on over a million topics culling information from over 100 encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries and atlases.

One of the main sites takes its information from is a free-content encyclopedia called Wikipedia.  Its modest goal is to create “a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.”  It has become one of the most popular reference sites on the Web, receiving around 50 million hits per day. 

Wikipedia is unique in that its content is created by its users.  Any visitor to Wikipedia can edit its articles, and many do, although in practice about half of all edits are done by just 2.5% of the users.  Pages are always subject to editing, so no article is ever ‘finished’.  I encourage you to visit WebTalk to hear an interview with the founder, Jimmy Wales.

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