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April 15, 2006

The Perfect Crosswordese Meal

What do you do? You've invited some cruciverbalists over for dinner. You want to do something really special. These are cruciverbalists – you can't just do hot dogs or pizza. This calls for something extra-special. May I suggest a crosswordese meal?

If you've been following the word of the day for any length of time now you realize that many of the words in the crosswordese lexicon deal with food. The other day I challenged Thomas Tuke-Hastings, founder of Cooking By Numbers, to come up with a dish based on a list of crosswordese ingredients. He was up to the challenge!

This is what he suggested:

Duck a l'orange (EIDER and OSAGE oranges) on a bed of ZITI pasta tossed in PESTO and citrus ZEST.

Then, finish the meal with a pear (BOSC, of course) and cheese tart. He didn't specify a cheese. Perhaps I gave him too many options. I'll let you decide between BRIE, EDAM, FETA, and GOUDA.

Thanks, Tom. I really thought my request was outrageous, but you came up with something great – something I can't wait to try.

If anyone else wants to take up this challenge, just contact me and I'll send you the same list of words I sent Tom

Paul Stynsberg, © 2006