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AWNS (awn)

A stiff bristle growing from the tip of certain grasses

Common clues: Barley bristles; Barley fibers, e.g.; Barley beards; Plant bristles; Grain beards; Plant appendages

Crossword puzzle frequency: Once a year

Video: Barley Grass Benefits You Don't Know

In botany, an awn is either a hair- or bristle-like appendage on a larger structure, or in the case of the Asteraceae, a stiff needle-like element of the pappus.

Awns are characteristic of many grasses (Poaceae), where they extend from the lemmas of the florets. They often make up the hairiness or other distinctive appearance of foxtails and the like. Awns may be long (several centimeters) or short, straight or curved, single or multiple per floret. Some genera are named after their awns, such as the three-awns.

Heavily bearded flowers. Awns are twisted and bent at right angles when mature

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