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French word for student
Common clues:
Ecole enrollee; Professeur's charge; French student; Lycee pupil; Parisian pupil; Sorbonne student; Ecole-ite?
Crossword puzzle frequency: once a year
A typical day of a French student

The French educational system is highly centralized, organized, and ramified. It is divided into three stages:

  • primary education (enseignement primaire);

  • secondary education (enseignement secondaire);

  • tertiary or college education (enseignement superieur)

Primary and secondary education is predominantly public (private schools also exist, in particular a strong nationwide network of primary and secondary Catholic education), while tertiary education has both public and private elements.

At the primary and secondary levels, the curricula is the same for all French students in a given grade, in public and semi-public (or subsidized) institutions. However, there exist specialized sections and a variety of options that students can choose. The reference for all French educators is the Bulletin officiel de l'education nationale, de l'enseignement superieur et de la recherche (B.O.) which lists all current programs and teaching directives. It is amended many times every year.

In the Metropolitan territory, the school year extends from early-September to early-July. Most students have finished their year by Bastille Day, 14 July. The school calendar is standardized throughout the country, and is the sole domain of the ministry.

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Education in France”