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EMU (EE-myoo)

A large flightless bird native to Australia
Common clues: Big bird; Flightless bird; Low-fat meat; Aussie with six toes; Grounded bird; It'll never fly; Exotic farmbird; Cassowary kin; Ostrich's cousin
Crossword puzzle frequency: Once a month
Frequency in English language: 16291 / 86800
News: Emu dies after 'arrest' in Victoria

The Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae which, in Latin, means "fast-footed New Hollander", referring to Australia, whose old name was New Holland) is the largest bird native to Australia and, after the Ostrich, the second-largest bird that survives today.

It inhabits most of the less-populated areas of the continent, avoiding only dense forest and severe desert. Like all birds in the Ratite group, it is flightless, although unlike some it does have tiny wings hidden under the feathers.

The soft-feathered, brown birds reach 1.5 to 2 metres in height and weigh up to 60 kilograms, with the male marginally smaller.

Emus are opportunistically nomadic and follow rain, feeding on grains, flowers, fruit, soft shoots, insects, grubs, and whatever else is available. They are able to travel great distances at a fast, economical trot and, if need be, can sprint at 50 km/h.

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