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OKIE (OH-kee)

Offensive term for a migrant farm laborer, esp. one from Oklahoma in the 30s.
clues: Tom Joad, e.g.; Muskogee native; Depression-era migrant; The "Grapes of Wrath" character; Dust bowl refugee; Steinbeck character
Crossword puzzle frequency: 4 times a year
Trampling Out the Vintage: Reflections on Steinbeck

If you're in trouble, or hurt or need - go to the poor people. They're the only ones that'll help - the only ones. ~ John Steinbeck

The Grapes of Wrath book cover

The Grapes of Wrath is a work of fiction published by John Steinbeck in 1939 (March 14th), in which descriptive, narrative, and philosophical passages succeed one another. Set in the Great Depression, this popular proletarian novel tells the story of migrant workers (or sharecroppers) leaving the Dust Bowl, and moving on. He follows the Joad family, 'Okie' farmers driven from their land by drought and forced to endure the hardships of life as agricultural workers. En route to California the grandparents die; on their arrival the surviving members of the family are involved in strikes that turn violent, and Tom, the son, kills a man. At the conclusion of the novel the family shows resoluteness in the face of defeat.

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