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ETAL (et-AL)

Latin abbreviation meaning: “And others”
Common clues: List ender; L
ist-shortening abbr.; Bibliographer's abbr.; Etc. relative; Catchall abbr.; And others: Abbr.; Latin abbr.
Crossword puzzle frequency: once a month
News: Say Goodbye to 'Etc,' 'Ie' and 'Eg': Latin Abbreviations Banned From U.K. Government Websites
Why Study Latin

Et alii (et al.)

"And others" — used to abbreviate a list of names (Alii is actually masculine, so it can be used for men, or groups of men and women; the feminine et aliae is appropriate when the "others" are all female.)

Latin Documentary Text

(Acknowledgement of Debt)

2nd Century AD

Caesarea, Mauretania

Some other common Latin abbreviations:

Ad libitum (ad lib)

"At ease" — means "do as you please", "improvise", "just ramble on"; especially in music, theatrical scripts, etc..

Et cetera (etc. or &c.)

"And the rest" — nowadays also "and others", "and so on", "and more".

Exempli gratia (e.g.)

Literally "for the sake of example", usually rendered in English as "for example." See: citation signal. (An alternative interpretation of this abbreviation: "example given".)

Ibidem (ibid.)

"In the same place" — usually in bibliographic citations.

Id est (i.e.)

"That is (to say)", abbreviated as "i.e." — sometimes "in this case," depending on the context. When celebrating this holiday (i.e., Christmas), hang a wreath on your door. It is never equivalent to "e.g.".

Opere citato (op. cit.)

"In work (already) cited" — used in academic works when referring again to the last source mentioned or used.

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