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Blood fluids obtained from the tissues of immunized animals, containing antibodies and used to transfer immunity to another individual.
Common clues: Antitoxins; Hospital supplies; Some vaccines, Blood fluids
Crossword puzzle frequency: 6 times a year
Frequency in English language: 22675 / 86800

Diptheria Antitoxin produced by the Hygienic Laboratory, 1895.

An antitoxin is an antibody with the ability to neutralize a specific toxin. Antitoxins are produced by certain animals, plants, and bacteria. Although they are most effective in neutralizing toxins, they can kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Antitoxins are made within organisms, but can be injected into other organisms, including humans. This procedure involves injecting an animal with a safe amount of a particular toxin. Then, the animal’s body makes the antitoxin needed to neutralize the toxin. Later, the blood is withdrawn from the animal. When the antitoxin is obtained from the blood, it is purified so it can be injected into a human or other animal.


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