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ALIA (AY-lee-uh)

Latin for others

Common clues: Inter ____; Others, to Ovid; Others, to Brutus; Et ____

Crossword puzzle frequency: 3 times a year

Frequency in English language: 32222 / 86800

Inter alia: Latin phrase meaning ‘among other things’.

Example of usage:

It may be worthwhile to remember that by (U.N.) resolution 1373 all States are called upon, inter alia, to "take appropriate measures... before granting refugee status, for the purpose of ensuring that the asylum-seeker has not planned, facilitated or participated in the commission of terrorist acts" and to "ensure... that claims of political motivation are not recognized as grounds for refusing requests for the extradition of alleged terrorist."

~ Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada

Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada, President of the National Assembly of Cuba