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APE (ayp)

A mimic or imitator
To copy, especially in an exaggerated or mocking way
Common clues: Copy; Mimic; Imitate; Copycat; Parrot; Take after; Impersonate; Emulate; Make like; Do likewise
Related crosswordese: APER, APED
Crossword puzzle frequency: 16 times a year
Frequency in English language: 19053 / 86800
Dancing Japanese Elvis impersonators

"The phenomenon of 'Elvis impersonators,' which began long before the singer's death, is one of the most startling effects of the Elvis cult." ~ Marjorie Garber

Elvis impersonators are people who impersonate or copy Elvis Presley either as a hobby or as a professional career. These impersonators work all over the world and are in great demand due to the iconic status of the man they imitate. They range in ethnic background, size and talent. Elvii is a plural for Elvis impersonators.

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