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GAM (gam)

1. Slang term for a person’s leg
2. A herd of whales
Common clues:
Pinup's leg; Leg, slangily; Grable’s trademark; Cheesecake leg; Piece of cheesecake?; School of whales; Herd of whales; Whale herd
Crossword puzzle frequency: once a year
It Happened One Night

Viewing "It Happened One Night" today, one reacts the same way audiences did in 1934, guffawing loudly throughout and sighing with contentment at the happy ending. The Depression-era movie is funny and full of hope. And the justly famous hitchhiking scene, in which Colbert proves to Gable that a shapely gam is mightier than a north-pointing thumb, is still a model of comic economy and character development. Colbert's uptight heiress learns to loosen up, and Gable's know-it-all newspaper man realizes that he can still learn a few tricks.


A collection of whales is called a gam. Other names for a collection of whales: herd, pod, troup, mob, run, school, grind, float, and shoal.