Peter Arno was born on this day in 1904

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ARNO (AHR-noh)

1. American cartoonist
2. A river of central Italy
Common clues: Florence's
river; New Yorker illustrator Peter; Pisa's River; Cartoonist Peter
Crossword puzzle frequency: 6 times a year
Frequency in English language: 55478 / 86800
Video: Peter Arno's New Yorker cartoons

Tell me about yourself - your struggles, your dreams, your telephone number. ~ Peter Arno

Peter Arno (January 8, 1904 - February 22, 1968) was a U.S. cartoonist. Born Curtis Arnoux Peters, Jr. in New York, New York, and educated at Yale University, his cartoons were published in The New Yorker from 1925-1968. They often depicted a cross-section of New York society from the 1920s through the 1960s. He is interred at Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, New York.


The Arno is a river in the Tuscany region of Italy.

Arno River in Florence, Italy

The river originates on Mount Falterona (1654 meters {5,426 ft}) in the Casentino area) of the Apennines, and takes a southward curve. The river turns to the west near Arezzo passing through Florence, Empoli and Pisa, flowing into the Tyrrhenian Sea at Marina di Pisa. With a length of 241 kilometers (149 miles), it is the largest river in the region. Its tributaries are : the Sieve (60 kilometers {37 miles}), Bisenzio (49 kilometers {30 miles}), Era, Elsa and Pesa.

It crosses Florence, where it passes below the Ponte Vecchio and the Santa Trinita bridge (built by Bartolomeo Ammannati, but inspired by Michelangelo). The river flooded this city regularly in historical times, the last occasion being the famous flood of 1966, with 4,500 meters³/second (158,916 ft³/s) after a rain of 437.2 millimetres (17.2 in) in Badia Agnano and 190 millimetres (7.4 in) in Florence, in only 24 hours.

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