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River of Belgium and Northern France
Common clues: River of
Flanders; Belgian river; North Sea feeder; Belgian border river; Strategic WWI river; French-Belgian river; 1914 battle line; Flanders flower
Crossword puzzle frequency: 5 times a year
On the Yser front (1914)

Beginning in Northern France, the Yser River flows about 50 miles through Belgium emptying into the North Sea at Nieuwpoort.

The Yser passing through the village of Roesbrugge in West Flanders

Heavy fighting took place along this river during WWI. After being forced to evacuate Antwerp and Ghent, the Belgian Army retreated to the Yser and, thus, on October 18th, 1914 the Battle of the Yser began. The Belgians, along with French marines fought desperately and, assisted by flooding, by Oct. 30th succeeded in checking the German advance toward Calais and the English Channel.