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French word used to express farewell
Common clues:
Goodbye in Gascony; "Farewell, Francois!"; Nice farewell?; Word that's bid; French farewell; Parting word; It may be bid; Au Revoir; Bye word
Crossword puzzle frequency: 5 times a year
Frequency in English language: 47440 / 86800

A father says goodbye to his son. [Source: VA Kids]

Adieu to a Soldier
By Walt Whitman

AIEDU, O soldier!
You of the rude campaigning, (which we shared,)
The rapid march, the life of the camp,
The hot contention of opposing fronts—the long manoeuver,
Red battles with their slaughter,—the stimulus—the strong, terrific game,
Spell of all brave and manly hearts—the trains of Time through you, and like of you, all fill’d,
With war, and war’s expression.

Adieu, dear comrade!
Your mission is fulfill’d—but I, more warlike,
Myself, and this contentious soul of mine,
Still on our own campaigning bound,
Through untried roads, with ambushes, opponents lined,
Through many a sharp defeat and many a crisis—often baffled,
Here marching, ever marching on, a war fight out—aye here,
To fiercer, weightier battles give expression.