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OPAH (OH-puh)

A large, oval-shaped, vividly colored marine fish
Common clues: Moon
fish; Brilliantly colored food fish; Bright colored fish; Colorful fish; Fish also called a Jerusalem haddock; Aquarium beauty; Fish used in sashimi
Crossword puzzle frequency: 2 times a year
Landing Opah Aboard The Ocean Odyssey

Opah (also known colloquially as moonfish, sunfish, kingfish, redfin ocean pan, and Jerusalem haddock) are large, colorful, deep-bodied pelagic Lampriform fish comprising the small family Lampridae (also spelled Lamprididae). There are only two known species in a single genus: Lampris (from the Greek lamprid-, "brilliant" or "clear"). One species is found in tropical to temperate waters of most oceans, while the other is limited to a circumglobal distribution in the Southern Ocean, with the 34th parallel as its northern limit.

Though rarely caught, opah are prized trophies for deep-water anglers as their large size and attractive form lend themselves well to taxidermy. Occasional bycatch from the longline tuna industry is also marketed and prepared as sashimi, as well as being broiled and smoked; opah flesh (despite being stringy and hard to fillet) has a moderate flavor and is well appreciated in this regard, especially in Hawaii. Opah are garnering increasing interest from restaurateurs as other staple species become unavailable. An average of 35 percent of an opah's weight is utilized for consumption.

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