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IPSE (ipps)

Ipse dixit: a Latin phrase meaning he himself said it
Common clues: ___ dixit; Dixit preceder; ___dixit (assertion without proof); ___ dixit (unproven assertion); ___ dixit (allegation)
Crossword puzzle frequency: once a year

Ipse dixit is a Latin phrase meaning he himself said it. The term labels a dogmatic statement asserted but not proved, to be accepted on faith in the speaker.

The legal and philosophical principle of "Ipse dixit" involves an unproven assertion, which is claimed to be authoritative because "[Latin 'he himself said it.'"] It is asserted, but not proved, for example: "His testimony that she was a liar was nothing more than an ipse dixit."

In the Middle Ages, scholars often applied the term to justify arguments if they had been used by Aristotle.

Cicero, in De Natura Deorum (I, 5), refers to Pythagoras's students debating, saying "ipse dixit", that is, "he said it himself", speaking of Pythagoras, whose authority they considered strong "even without reason".

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