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Rara Avis: a Latin phrase describing a rare or unique person or thing.
Common clues: ____ avis; Avis adjective; Hard to find, to Horace; Uncommon, to Cassius; Avis description?; Singular, to Caesar
Crossword puzzle frequency: 4 times a year
Rara Avis: Costa Rica

From the Latin Rara, rare + Avis, bird.


He was, after all, that rara avis, a Jewish Catholic priest with a wife and children. --Jeremy Sams, "Lorenzo the magnificent," Independent, May 16, 2000

"First of all," Arthur said, "Jack is that rara avis among Ivy League radicals, a birthright member of the proletariat." --Charles McCarry, Lucky Bastard

Rara avis. You'd have to go far and wide to find someone like that, especially in these times. --Andrew Holleran, In September, the Light Changes