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OCHER (OH-kuhr)

A moderate yellow-orange or orange color or pigment
Related crosswordese: OCHRE
Common clues:
Earthy pigment; Reddish clay; Fall color; Yellowish earth tone; Earth tone; Autumn color; Paint pigment; Reddish yellow; Turning-leaf pigment
Crossword puzzle frequency: 2 times a year
Frequency in English language: (ochre) 27478 / 86800
How to mix yellow ochre

Ochre or Ocher is a color, usually described as golden-yellow or light yellow brown.

Ocher rooftops of Peille, France

As a painting pigment it exists in at least three forms:

  • yellow ochre, Fe2O3 • H2O, a hydrated Iron oxide

  • red ochre, Fe2O3, chemically identical to yellow ochre, but reddened through heating

  • brown ochre (Goethite), also partly hydrated iron oxide (rust)

For further information, see the articles on the individual ochres.

All ochres are non-toxic, and can be used to make oil paints that dry quickly and cover surfaces thoroughly. They are found throughout the world in many shades. Many sources consider the best brown ochre to come from Cyprus, and the best yellow and red ochre from Roussillon, France. All are prehistoric, and are some of oldest pigments used.

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