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Army Post Office
Common clues: Mil. address; Private address?; How to address a sgt.?; Soldier's addr.; GI mail drop; Sgt.'s address; Part of a GI's address; Letters on letters to GIs
Crossword puzzle frequency: 4 times a year

Video: Army Post Office - 1944

An army post office is a special military system to integrate the civil postal system to that of the military. Many countries have special systems to deliver mail from homeland to their soldiers abroad. Normally they use a main office to collect the outgoing mail, then it is transported to the foreign destination, where the mail is sorted and delivered by postal clerks.

Falmouth, Va. Group in front of post office tent at Army of the Potomac headquarters.

The first known use of military mail was by the Egyptian army in 2000 B.C. Modern military mail is used by various armies; examples include Germany (Feldpost), France (Bureau Postal Interarmees), Austria (Feldpost), Switzerland (Feldpost), the United Kingdom (British Forces Post Office) and Canada (Canadian Forces Post Office).

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