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IONA (eye-OH-nuh)

1. An island of western Scotland
2. College in New Rochelle, New York
Common clues: Hebrides island; New Rochelle college; Scottish island or N.Y. College; Isle of Mull neighbor; New York college; Macbeth's burial place; Westchester college
Crossword puzzle frequency: 4 times a year
Frequency in English language: 25340 / 86800
The Holy Isle of Iona

Iona, population 175, is a small island, 1 mile wide (1.6 km) and 3.5 miles (5.6 km) long, of the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Its Gaelic name is I Chaluim Cille (Saint Columba's Island), or sometimes just Ì or Idhe. It is approximately one mile (1,600 m) from the coast of Mull.

In 563 Saint Columba, exiled from his native Ireland, founded a monastery here with 12 companions. From here they set about the conversion of pagan Scotland and much of northern England to Christianity. Iona's fame as a place of learning and Christian mission spread throughout Europe and it became a major site of pilgrimage. Iona became a holy island where several kings of Scotland, Ireland and Norway came to be buried.

Baile Mòr, Iona village viewed from the Sound of Iona

Iona Abbey, now an ecumenical church, is of particular historical and religious interest to pilgrims and visitors alike. It is the most elaborate and best-preserved ecclesiastical building surviving from the Middle Ages in the Western Isles of Scotland. In front of the Abbey stands the 9th century St Martin's Cross, one of the best-preserved Celtic crosses in the British Isles, and a replica of the 8th century St John's Cross (original fragments in the Abbey museum).


Iona College is located in New Rochelle, New York, 20 miles north of Manhattan in suburban Westchester County. The college occupies 35 acres (140,000 m²) on North Ave. The college also operates a Graduate Center in Pearl River, Rockland County, New York

The main entrance

There are 3,000 undergraduates, and total enrollment is 4,800. The College offers BA, BS, BPS, and BBA degrees to undergraduate students. The BA, BS, and BPS degrees require a total of 120 credits for completion; for BBA degrees, a total of 126 credits are required. An honors program, with special courses, seminars, mentoring, advising, and off-campus opportunities, is available to top students.

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