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On or toward the lee, or the side opposite to the wind (opposed to aweather)
Common clues: Toward the sheltered side; On the quiet side; Out of the wind; Away from the wind; Sheltered, at sea; Opposite of aweather; Downwind; Main course?
Crossword puzzle frequency: once a month
Video: Windward Leeward

Windward is the direction from which the wind is blowing at the time in question. The side of a ship which is towards the windward is the weather side. If the vessel is heeling under the pressure of the wind, this will be the "higher side"

Leeward is the direction downwind from the point of reference. The side of the ship towards the leeward is its lee side. If the vessel is heeling under the pressure of the wind, this will be the "lower side".

The terms "leeward" and "windward" refer respectively to what a game stalker would call downwind and upwind. The terms are used by seamen in relation to their ships but also in reference to islands in an archipelago and to the different sides of a single island. In the latter case, the windward side is that side of an island subject to the prevailing wind, and is thus the wetter side (see orographic precipitation). The leeward side is the side protected by the elevation of the island from the prevailing wind, and is typically the drier side of an island. Thus, leeward or windward siting is an important weather and climate factor on oceanic islands.

In the case of an archipelago, "windward islands" are upwind and "leeward islands" are the downwind ones.

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