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Jagged or irregularly notched, as a leaf
Etymology: From Latin
rosus meaning gnawed off.
Common clues: Jagged; Uneven; Worn away unevenly; Like a maple leaf; Notched, as a leaf; Irregularly notched; Gnawed away
Crossword puzzle frequency: 2 times a year
Leaf identification of common trees

Double serrate: coarsely serrate margin with smaller teeth on the margins of larger teeth.

Denticulate: margins with small pointed teeth directed outward, perpendicular to the midrib, diminutive of dentate.

Broad-crenate: margins with widely spaced, rounded or blunt teeth, e.g., many violets (Viola, Violaceae).

Serrulate: margins with small pointed teeth directed forward, towards the apex of the leaf, diminutive of serrate.

Erose: with margins appearing gnawed, indentations shallow and irregular.

[Courtesy: Northern Ontario Plant Database]